Moderation Services

Stay connected with your client 24/7

Stay engaged with customers and promote the conversations through real people not AI chatbots! Create meaningful relationships with your clients, and provide them with the quality services they deserve. Our moderation services will help you boost sales, gather leads and provide excellent customer services. Social Media never sleeps, and so should your brand, one negative comment can harm your sales for months, we guarantee positive experience for all your clients.




Full team for the fee of one 

Get up to 5 moderators working on your platforms and engaging with your clients throughout the day. Pay a fixed subscription less than the cost of one employee in the UAE.

FAQ reports 

You will get monthly reports on the frequently asked questions from your clients from different portals so that you can cover them in your content plan and communication messages.

Dedicated Project Manager 

You will get your own dedicated project manager, who will be helping you train the moderators on your work processes, tone of voice and brand persona. They will be responsible for managing the team to ensure optimum output for your business.

Bilingual moderators 

Our moderators speak both English and Arabic fluently to communicate with almost all of your clients in the GCC.

Create a pool of leads 

Grow your leads pool through your different platforms; F360 moderators will gather data from prospects and qualify them according to your criteria. 

Boost your sales 

Our teams are highly experienced in converting clients. They will support e-commerce businesses in achieving their sales targets by communicating with the clients and helping them make purchase decisions.

Be available 24/7 

Our team will cover all your platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Livechat, WhatsApp) 24/7. You will never miss clients' requests, questions or complaints.

 Our mandate is the satisfaction and success of our clients

Ready to Start? 

Here is how you can start boosting your sales and get more leads


Subscribe to F360 Platform

Connect with Project Manager

Connect with your project manager who will set up the project for you

Share your Business Goals

Share your business goals, objectives, project brief and brand guidelines with your team and project manager so they can help you achieve your objectives.

Add Moderators to your Platform

Provide access to the team to your different platforms, so they can start engaging with your clients.

Creating FAQ

We may come back to your from time to time to get answers on tricky questions, until our moderators have curated all the necessary information and created a strong FAQ

Focus on your core business

Your hands and mind are now free to focus on your core business operations, and leave the client engagement to us. Just be prepared to see more conversions, meaningful relations with clients and more positive client experience.