Frequently Asked Questions

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If you are new to F360 or looking for a little more information; these questions will give you all the information you need about the platform and its features.


Who we are?

Founded in 2022, F360 is a leading, fully-fledged, digital platform offering a wide array of digital services with a monthly fixed subscription for businesses and startups. Based in Dubai, F360 holds more than 10 years of experience collectively from its founders of Freezoner and AD Arms. We offer our clients customized, digital service packages according to their needs at their convenience. We provide each client with a project manager that speaks their language to eliminate the hassle of dealing with freelancers or multiple agencies. 

Who is F360 for?

  • Startups and SMEs

  • Marketing Managers

  • Operation Teams

  • Digital Marketing Agencies

  • International Companies operating in GCC

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Small Business Owners

  • Companies looking for web development and hosting support throughout the year

What are F360 Services?

  • Graphic Designs.

  • Media Productions.

  • Web Development. 

  • Cloud Services and Technical Support.

  • Moderations.

  • Content Creation. 

  • Performance Marketing.

Do I get assigned to one Project Manager?  

Yes! When you sign up, you will get assigned to a dedicated project manager who speaks your language and will be your sole point of contact, answer questions, jump on calls, and deals with problems if they arise.

How does it work?

You simply c hoose your service , p ay a fixed rate, get assigned to a personal project manager that speaks your language, submit unlimited requests , s ubmit unlimited revisions, with prompt service delivery.

How do I submit requests?

You can submit your requests to your project manager in whatever way you are comfortable with, whether through emails, WhatsApp, zoom calls, our F360's dashboard

What does unlimited really mean?

Unlimited is real, you can request an unlimited number of requests and revisions, and we will get back to you as soon as possible according to your plan. Unlimited is really , request whatever you want whenever you want, and we will get it done as if you have a full in-house team. (Limited weekly hours are applied)

Do I retain ownership of the work outputs?

Yes, all your work belongs to you forever, and we are committed to provide you with the source files.  

How soon can I start sending requests?

Right away! As soon as you’ve created your account and subscribed to a service, you’ll be able to submit requests, and you'll get assigned to a project manager. As soon as your subscribe, one of our representative will get in touch with you to create a smooth onboarding process and get your work done immediately! 

What information do you need to start working on my project?

This varies from one project to another, you will probably have an initial meeting with your project manager to gather all the needed information about the project and its goals. We willl mainly need the brand guidelines and manual, tone of voice, and project objectives.


Do you offer discounts on multiple subscriptions?  

Absolutely any extra plan you will subscribe to, you will get 25% off on your second plan through the Project Manager.

I have an urgent project. Can I pay extra fees to get it done quicker?

In the case of urgent requests or outside working hours or holidays, it is possible to contact the support that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week (an additional value is added on the package's price in case the customer exceeds the number of hours specified for the project/package or the implementation of a request outside the scope of the official working hours.)

Will there be any hidden fees or taxes?

There are no hidden fees, what you see is what you will pay. However there are taxes, clients inside the UAE are subject to a 5% value-added tax once the platform is registered in the value-added system. We will provide tax invoices to them monthly.

Which method of payment can I use?

You can pay from anywhere in the world using your credit cards/debit cards or your stripe account. If you are a UAE resident you can pay online, cash or via cheques or a bank transfer.

How can I cancel? What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription any time of the month through your project manager or your account. Paid fees will not be reimbursed in the case of cancellation. 

Can I pause/freeze my plan if I don't have a lot of requests to make? 

You can cancel the subscription at any time, through the platform or an official email, with the possibility of the customer benefiting from the package features until the end of the subscription period. And the platform is not obligated to refund any amount paid in case the client doesn’t ben efit from the package in the subscription period.    

What happens if I did not us e all the balance during the month?     

If the package is not used during the month, the package's features or its balance of designs or hours are not carried over to the next month.

What is the billing cycle?

Most of the plans are monthly, paid in advance, and can be paid in advance annually, taking advantage of specific discounts through the prices shown on the platform. In all cases, it is automatically renewed, unless the customer cancels the subscription through the platform or an official email. However some plans are billed once or every 3 months according to the plan details like the video production or performance campaigns. 

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

Yes definitely, you can update your plan at any time. You will need to cancel the subscription to the current package and re-subscribe to the new package, with the possibility of deducting the value of the plan in case you have not benefited more than 50% of the balance. Contact your project manager for more information.


Will you use my information for any marketing uses or share it with competitors?  

We are bound to keep the customer's information, ensure its confidentiality, and to not share or use the information in another businesses during or after the end of the contract.

Can I resell any of the designs/content F360 creates for me?

Yes, you retain the right to use or sell these assets the way you see fit. We actually work with agencies to create content for their clients.

Web Development and Hosting

What does the Web development service include?

The Web Service covers building The UX/ UI for the website, or e-commerce platforms, and Web development. We also offer a hosting service in partnership with Amazon Web Service for any website and a 24/7 technical support service to address any technical problems facing the website, emails, or hosting. Moreover, our team performs frequent maintenance and back up the website, implementing protection work and improving speed daily. The website is delivered in two languages, and in case you need an additional language, you will pay 25% of the project cost for each language.

Do you offer Web design?

Yes, our Design Team will create UX/ UI for your website according to your requirements.

How long does it take to deliver projects?

We always work on providing the highest quality in the shortest time to our clients, our delivery time is depending on your business requirements (number of pages functionality, …,) it usually takes from 1 - 3 months to deliver a highly functioning website.

Video Production

Do you offer premium stock images, videos and audios?

Yes, our Marketing Videos plan comes with premium stock assets. In addition to customized illustrations.

I have multiple brands; will you be able to provide videos for all of them?

Absolutely.  We love and welcome digital marketing agencies! In our Marketing Video plan we can create different videos for different brands. Just mention the brand in your project brief to the project manager, and we will use the right branding assets.

How do I get the cost for Motion graphics/video production?

The sales team determines the price after receiving a request from you stating the details of the required details of the project, as the price varies according to the duration of the video, the type of graphics and animation, and the language of writing and voiceover.

How long does it take to deliver video projects?

According to your plan, for example for Marketing Videos plan you can get new videos every 3 days. While the motion graphics and video shooting delivery times are according to the amount of work required. 

  • For motion graphics video: 2D video projects duration will be approximately 7-10 working days. And in the case of 3D, it takes approximately 30 working days.
  • For Production videos: according to the number and length of shooting days.
  • For marketing videos: you will receive a new video every 3 days.

Can I have a weekly meeting with the team?

According to your plan you have a dedicated number of hours for your project that includes meetings with the team of project managers. For Marketing Videos as an example, you get allocated 12-15 hours per week to complete your requests in addition to 3 hours of meetings with the project manager per month. For the other plans you will get meetings with your project manager according to the project timeline, and you will be able to request 2 edits for every milestone, additional requests may be subject to extra charges.

Is there a time limit for video duration?

For Marketing videos, we create 1 minute or less videos in addition to video editing and adding animated graphics to videos. As for the motion graphics we can create long videos up to 100 minutes or more, and the rates will be according to the number of minutes. Finally for the video production, rates may change according to the hours of shooting and the final number of videos produced.

Do I need to provide the audio for my videos?

Not at all; we have a team of voice over specialists who speak different languages and accents. We also have a vast library of original copyrighted music.

Will the video editing and creation team add subtitles to my video?

Absolutely, our team can create subtitles with any language, there may be extra fees according to your plan.

Can I get a discount if I get multiple subscriptions?

Definitely, when you add 2 more subscriptions to your account, your project manager will help you develop a customized plan with a discounted subscription.

Startup Kit

What is included in the “Startup Kit” package?

The package will cover all your essential branding and your website with its hosting in addition to one free maintenance and updates for the website. Here is the breakdown of what you will get:

For branding

  • Logo

  • Business card

  • Stamp

  • company profile

  • PowerPoint template

  • Letterhead Template

  • Social media pages setup

  • Printing 500 cards

For the website

  • Website Content (Arabic & English)

  • Website Development (Arabic & English)

  • Hosting

  • Creating Business Emails

  • Support and updates for 1 year for free

How will I communicate with the team?

Your project manager will be your point of contact with the team; you may be invited to some meetings for feedback. Any comments or edit requests you can send to your project manager.

Can I request revisions if I don’t like the logo?

Absolutely! Our team will provide you with 2 different directions according to your briefing and once you agree on the option, you may request 2 edits and tweaks until you are happy.

I am a startup expanding to the UAE? But I don’t need branding but I need other requirements?

We have different flexible plans to suit your needs, if you are looking for Digital Marketing services to support your expansion in the UAE, you may want to check out our Digital Marketing plans.

What information do you need to work on my project?

Your project manager will arrange an initial meeting to get all the information necessary to complete the project.

Moderation Services   

What does the team of moderation do?

Our team will cover all your social media profiles in addition to Whatsapp for business and your live chat. Our team will reply to messages, comments, answer questions and boost your sales.  Also, they will handle any complaints.

Do you get a percentage or commission on closed deals?

No we don’t, we don’t have any hidden charges. You will only pay your monthly subscriptions.

What information do you need to start working?

We will basically need brand guidelines, tone of voice and products/services information. Moderators may return to you  if they need answers or inquiries. The moderators archive the repeated questions and answers daily to create a reference for all other moderators or the company in the future. You will need to appoint a person to answer the moderators' questions, as well as receiving requests, complaints, reservations, leads or sales coming from the moderators.

Graphics Design  

What is the difference between designs and illustrations?

Illustrators can create your vision from scratch to bring your logo or character to life. Graphic designs are what our graphic designers use from existing assets to design brochures, landing pages, and more.

Do you offer premium stock images?

All subscriptions come with premium stock photos. In addition to customized illustrations.

I have multiple brands; will you be able to provide designs for all of them?

Absolutely. We love and welcome digital marketing agencies! Just mention the brand in your project brief to the project manager, and we will use the right branding assets.

How can I change my plans?

If you need to upgrade the plan, you will need to cancel the subscription to the basic package and re-subscribe to the new package, with the possibility of deducting the value of the package in case you have not benefited more than 50% of the designs balance.

How long does it take to deliver projects?

We always work on providing the highest quality in the shortest time to our clients, our delivery time is depending on your plan type weekly, daily, or twice daily depending on the plan and the requirement.

For the basic plan:

you can get the designs weekly on in one go whatever you prefer.

For the unlimited plan:

you can get 1 design daily with 10-12 hours per week dedicated to your work.

For the business unlimited:

you can get up to 2 designs per day with 20-25 hours per week dedicated to your work.

What is not included?

Our plans don’t include creating new branding projects, re-branding, events media production, or creating new websites UI/UX designs. These projects can be executed with additional fees and customized plans.

What does unlimited really mean?

You get allocated a certain amount of hours per month according to you plan, and you can use it to send unlimited requests and revisions.

For the unlimited plan:

You can get 1 design daily with 10-12 hours per week dedicated to your work.

For the business unlimited:

You can get up to 2 designs per day with 20-25 hours per week dedicated to your work.

Performance Marketing 

What services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of Performance Marketing services, our services include graphic designs, video production, influencer management, moderation, Ads Management, social media management, and Data analysis, also we can create landing pages depending on the campaigns.

How long does it take to deliver projects?

We always work on providing the highest quality in the shortest time to our clients, our delivery time is depending on the tasks, it is advisable to always discuss with your project manager any deadlines you might have.

Are all the creative work original?

Yes, our writers and designers generate 100% original copies and creatives; we always ensure there is no plagiarism in any work we produce.

What languages do you use in the content?

We create your content in the language of your target audience. All of our writers are bilingual, and we have content creators from all over the world speaking most of the widely used languages. 

Do you write emails and newsletters?

Absolutely! Our team can write you a one-of-a-kind email that’ll communicate your messages clearly and help you stand out. We also offer sales emails, newsletters, landing page copies, and more!

Do you write blogs?

Yes, the content writers will create content for your blog to help you engage your clients.

Content Creation  

Do you have a word count limit?

You can receive unlimited requests and unlimited revisions regarding your plan.

Do I retain ownership of the work outputs?

Yes, all your work belongs to you forever.

Is all the content authentic?

Absolutely, we have a rigid system to ensure all the content produced are 100% original with no plagiarism.

Can I subscribe to more than 1 plan? Do you offer discounts?

Yes definitely, you can sign up for different plans, and you can discuss with your project manager about merging two plans, for example the weekly calendar plan with a design package.

How long does it take to deliver projects?

Depending on your plan, you may get daily or weekly content if you subscribed for the calendar plan.

Can you provide samples for the content?

Yes you can discuss it with your project manager and meanwhile you can check our blog to check the writing styles of our content writers.

What languages do you provide?

We have a multilingual team from all over the world, we can provide content in whatever language you request .