About Us

Your All-on-One Platform of distinctive minds pooling together their expertise to create, design, and produce tailored, totally-unique digital work that turns your clear points of view into profit with minimal hassle.

Based in Dubai to serve businesses from all over the world. F360's secret lies in the diversity of its team and the ability to pull entrepreneurs into a world where growth and golden opportunities get born. 


Here you will find art directors, Growth hackers, Content creators, project managers, and so many others working together in harmony to provide you with the best outcome through a vast range of digital services.

Why will you love us?

Let us tell you our story first!

It all started when Freezoner, the leading business set-up consultancy in the UAE, acquired AD ARMS, the digital marketing Agency, Believing in their dream of building a platform dedicated to providing companies in the region with world-class digital services with minimal hassle.

This dream came from the ambition of the founders of AD ARMS to face the challenges businesses of all sizes have to go through to get high-quality digital marketing assets. Whether the massive budget it takes to hire a talented team in-house or going for freelancing results in late deliveries, poor qualities, and unsatisfying results for the clients.  

Indeed, the mind-blowing team brought out the all-in-one platform to the light offering digital projects for companies at a reasonable price and with fixed payment tailored to each business's needs. And here we go. Our team started expanding its services to other countries by onboarding digital marketing experts, creative designers, innovative developers, and project managers worldwide, so the clients will always find someone who speaks their language.

Thanks to that vision, goals, and hard work, Freezoner, who specializes in helping entrepreneurs and investors expand or start a business in UAE, saw an opportunity to offer their client base digital marketing services to boost their business in UAE. So they acquired Ad Arms to launch F360 with broader goals and a more comprehensive set of services to help companies thrive on the global stage.

Why Do We Exist?

We exist to provide the companies with the much-needed assets to help them grow, attract more customers and thrive, which are digital assets. No matter what your business needs, whether it is beautiful visuals, engaging content, building a creative website, maintaining its performance, or highly converting performance campaigns, we are here to help. You no longer have to:

You no longer have to

Pay monthly salaries

for a large digital team who may stay idle for lack of projects or over-worked.

Deal with freelancers

on your own, chase them, get proposals, and finally get low-quality services that are not up to your expectations.

Waste time communicating

with multiple freelancers who may not speak your language.

Depend on freelancers

that may disappear for weeks and cost time and money.

Why is F360 unique?

F360 offers you all the digital projects you may need:  


Video and media production